Successful test run of Injinji compression socks

A lot of people that know me, also know I don't believe in wearing compression socks / tubes when training. I believe my calves get lazy if I pamper them with compression socks. I do use them on long mountain trails and I benefit from them on those occasions.

However, being appointed ambassador for Vibram FiveFingers in the Netherlands, I also received a pair of Injinji compression socks. And because they completely mismatched my VFF Spyridon ánd I was going to do a 60 km training run, I decided to wear them.

This is what they looked like before I abused them... ;-)

So, a quick review on the socks. They are easy to put on, they fit snug on the foot, but leave enough room for wiggling your toes in without too much difficulty. I've got legs in giraffe-style, however the socks still come almost up to my knees. I prefer them not to touch any part of my knee joints, so this length is perfect. They're snug around the calves, but not to the point where you can't feel your feet anymore.

I normally don't wear socks in my VFF, so this was a good test if it would fit. The toes are a good fit, so you can put on your normal size of VFF.

I went running in the rain and on a quite muddy course. The socks do get wet (as do my VFF), but I didn't get an uncomfortable feeling or chafing from them. I'm very happy with the foot-part of the socks. The calf-part feels nice too, however after about 50 - 55 km I got a slight irritation at the back of my left calf. It could've been the sock, it could've been the distance or even the way I put the socks on. I'm not sure.

At home I could peel them off easily, without completely cramping up in either legs or feet. Thourough inspection of feet and legs didn't reveal any hidden chafing or blisters. My legs feel fine and I haven't had any sore muscles (although the Bikram yoga class I took the day after might have something to do with that also). So all in all I'm very happy with these compressions socks.

What they look like after 60km of running in the mud.


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